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How do I prepare for an interview in 30 minutes?

30 minutes before a job interview
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With over 13+ years experience leading people and a HR designation, I have heard and seen it all when it comes to interviews. I'm here to share my interviewing tips, guidance + perspective on prepping for your next job interview.

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It feels like you’ve been waiting forever for the callback, and then suddenly, it’s time! You’ve interviewed plenty over the last year. Still, you don’t want to assume anything about sharing the most relevant stories and examples.

There’s nothing like entering and leaving an interview with your head held high, so why not give yourself the grace and time to review one last time before walking in?

Think of it like a power nap. A little boost, and you’re on your way! 

So whether you’ve: 

⁣✨found out that you have a last-minute interview,⁣

⁣✨want a little boost in your confidence the day of,⁣

⁣✨or you simply think anything more than 30 minutes is too much,⁣ ⁣this post is for you. 

By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll have 8 must-do’s to prepare for an interview in 30 minutes. Let’s begin ⬇️

⁣1. Read the job posting.

⁣Intention: What’s the job? What are they looking for?⁣

Time: 2 minutes

2. Identify your top strength. The strength that’s most relevant for this job and think of an example.

Intention: To know what you’re great at and what people can count on you for that you work with. Highlighting this in your interview shows the interviewer you’re self-aware and demonstrates confidence.

⁣Time: 5 minutes

3. Identify an opportunity you have to grow and develop (likely not one that is crucial for the position) and an example.

Intention: This supports answering questions about what your greatest weakness is, what are you/were you working on in your personal leadership or what you are doing to continue developing in your current or past position.

Time: 5 minutes

⁣4. Think of a time you had a challenging work scenario (with a peer, a client, an internal struggle, managing a project that had conflicting priorities, a deliverable that needed to be completed sooner than initially set) and what 2-3 actions you took to overcome it. 

Intention: Having an example to showcase that you’re a problem solver, you take action, you’re resilient, and you ask for help are all great qualities that hiring managers appreciate. 

Time: 5 minutes

⁣5. Know why you want the job- have 3 reasons. 

Intention: To show the interviewer that you’ve thought about it. That you care. That you’re not just firing off resumes for every job opening. Your thoughtfulness in this response shows the interviewer that you’re committed. 

Time: 3 minutes

6. Know why you want to work for this specific company- have 3 reasons.

Intention: Same as the above. Make sure to look at their values and identify what makes the company stand out to you. 

Time: 3 minutes

⁣7. Why should I hire you? Think of an example that describes your experience and who you are as a person, a peer, a leader, or a team member. (5 mins)⁣

⁣⁣Intention: This is to support you in coming up with all the different reasons you’re the best candidate for the role. This is your time to brag and highlight how awesome you are.

Time: 5 minutes

8. Breathe and remind yourself that you’re as ready as you can be at this exact moment. Remember that your unique experience is precisely what makes you; you and your uniqueness will get you hired. 

⁣⁣Intention: To support you in relaxing and staying present for the interview.

Time: 2 minutes

⁣If this has been helpful, let me know in the comments below, and make sure to like and share with a friend 💕⁣⁣ Good luck!

ps…if you’re looking for just a little extra confidence right before your interview, make sure you check out 5 actions to raise your confidence before a job interview.

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Hi, I'm Jenna.
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