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I used to be so fearful in meetings until I had this epiphany…

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Like I highlighted above, I used to be so fearful in meetings; my idea won’t be received, I’m not going to sound smart, maybe I should wait until my thought is fully formed.

It took me years before I finally had an epiphany that if everyone in the room felt the way I did, we’d be “sitting around staring at each other all day. That’s very boring”. -Scuttle (a little tribute to one of my favs, The Little Mermaid)

But in all seriousness, what stopped me from contributing was truly my confidence. The belief that my voice mattered and that my opinion was worth hearing.

A former leader of mine was known for saying “Have an Opinion”.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

It’s not enough to physically be in the room or on camera 😉

Truly showing up is saying what’s on your mind and contributing to the conversation all the time.Your unique perspective is meant to be shared. After all, why else would you have been invited to the meeting?

Consider the fact that your idea may encourage another idea or that your perspective may spark a healthy debate.

Your thoughts are different than others and while you may not always have the most clever idea or the smartest answer and you may not always share the most eloquently, you WILL add value simply through sharing. 

Share this with a friend/colleague below who needs a little reminder how powerful their voice is 💥 🎤 

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Hi, I'm Jenna.
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I'm incredibly passionate about supporting people to walk into their job interviews with confidence. With 13+ years experience leading people and a HR designation, I have heard and seen it all when it comes to interviews.

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