3 job search strategies to find a job you’ll love.

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Did you know that the average interview process takes ~24 business days? That doesn’t take into account the time before you get an invite for your first interview. 

By the time you decide to give your notice and the time you start your new role, you’re looking at a minimum of 6 weeks.  Sure, 6 weeks is nothing, but I can attest that 6 weeks feels like FOREVER when you’ve made up your mind about leaving. 

Own The Interview’s approach to landing a job you LOVE begins with PREPARATION.

The idea is to not be looking for a job when you’re ready to quit, but rather setting yourself up to welcome opportunities as they arise. Doesn’t that feel so much better? Proactivity!

By the time you’re finished reading this article, you’ll have learned 3 proactive and practical strategies to apply to your job search. 

Let’s dive straight into #1.

Strategy 1: What are your goals?

I was told early in my career to always take a job with the intention that the role will get me the job I want in 2 -3 year’s time. Have you thought about where you want to go or what you want to accomplish; this year, next year, 5 years from now?

Give yourself the space to think about that. If you understand where it is you’re headed, you’ll be that much more focused searching for your next position.

Strategy 2: What companies would you like to work for?

Creating a list of companies that interest you is a great way to uncover what opportunities are out there. In reference to Strategy 1. Maybe you don’t know the specific role you’re interested in, but you’re aware of what responsibilities would excite you. 

When exploring companies, you’d like to work at, you may just come across a role that suits your preferences.

I encourage you to stay connected to these organizations by following them on LinkedIn, setting Google alerts or visiting the company’s website/careers page regularly.

  1. You’ll stay up to date on current news.
  2. You’ll have visibility into what roles are being recruited for.
  3. You’ll know what skills, abilities and experiences the organization is looking for. 

*** Take ACTION on this. If you notice all positions, you’re interested in require project management experience and you don’t have it, how can you gain this experience in your current role? Or what course can you sign-up for to learn about PM-ing? 

Strategy 3: Build your professional network.

Once you are clear with the type of role you’re seeking and the organizations that interest you, you can think about connecting with people who currently hold those positions or work at those companies.

  • Reach out and meet with them. 
  • Learn from them what skills, abilities and experience is ideal for the role. 
  • Ask them what they believe will give you a competitive advantage. 

*** Take ACTION on this. The advice, suggestions, whatever you learn from those conversations, take action and build your resume further just as I mentioned with Strategy 2.

When the time comes to apply, you’ll be a more compelling candidate having the experiences (and more) they’re looking for in their next hire.

If you’re currently seeking a new role or feeling motivated to start managing the direction of your career path, which Strategy will you start this week?

Ps. Want to learn easy ways to build your professional network? Check out last week’s YouTube video.

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