How do I give my boss feedback?

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Sharing feedback can be challenging, especially when it comes to giving constructive feedback, AND it’s your boss. You know, the person responsible for raises, promotions, assigning new and exciting work?

But when you think back to the BEST manager you’ve ever had, did you ever consistently struggle to be honest with them? I’m assuming no. 

This person likely created a safe environment for you to share what was on your mind and took the time to build a relationship with you. They learned what is important to you and probably asked you for feedback from time to time. And then, the moments when you wanted to share something seemingly tricky with them, you did it anyway. 

Thinking back, you might realize that they set a foundation for you to feel comfortable and at ease. And wanna know what that foundation was built on? It’s TRUST! 

Trust plays an essential role in any healthy relationship and, of course, the ability to share feedback.

If you’ve been holding back on sharing feedback with your leader (or anyone for that matter), read on. By the end of this article, you’ll have the inspiration to take action and let go of whatever is holding you back!

So what are my tips to giving your boss feedback? 

The first tip is building a relationship of trust. 

Forming trust in one another is no joke, and it takes time. And in a world of virtual work, it might feel like that’s impossible, but here are ways you can take the steering wheel and build a trusting relationship with your boss. 

  • Say what you mean, mean what you say. 
    • If you said you’ll respond back by Friday, respond back by Friday. The proof is in the pudding.

  • Take time to find out what’s personally and professionally important to them. 
    • It’s so easy to let 1:1s become a checklist of to-dos. Create the space to learn about them and then honour what’s important to them, whether that’s no text messages after 6pm or following up with them to see how their family trip was last weekend. It’s not about being nosey; it’s about showing you care.

  • Most importantly, have a conversation on the topic of feedback.
    • Share with your manager how you like to receive feedback, how often you want to hear it and in what setting. In return, ask them the same.

Getting to know your manager helps build a relationship. 

Being in “the real conversation” builds trust. 

The beauty of a trusting relationship is that you will go farther in your career because of it- I promise you. 

Now onto tip number 2. 

The second tip to sharing feedback with your boss is treating them like you do with anyone else! 

Don’t overthink it, and share from a place of care. To support you with this, here 3 tips to remember: 

⁣✨ It’s not about you.⁣

⁣The intent of sharing feedback is to bring awareness to their behaviour. It’s to support them in uncovering something they potentially haven’t noticed about themselves. Don’t make it about you, which leads to Tip 2. ⁣

⁣✨ Assume a positive response.

⁣It can be intimidating to share feedback with someone because we think they won’t receive it well, be upset with us or get defensive. Go into the conversation sharing from a place of care and assume they’ll appreciate your honesty. ⁣

⁣✨ And lastly, have empathy.⁣

⁣Consider the other person’s experience; this may be the first time they have heard the feedback. You’re responsible for how you deliver the feedback, not for how it’s received. Create the opportunity for a 2-way dialogue and have the conversation in a private space. Share the facts and be as specific as possible. 

Now, what are you waiting for?! Book a 1:1 with your boss and start to implement what you’ve read. 

And, if you feeling confident in your relationship with your boss, but the one thing you’re nervous talking about is asking for a raise then I’ve got something for you!

Download the Asking for a Raise Guide and Pitch template HERE to set yourself up for success.

Still unsure about all of this? In the comments below, share what outstanding questions you have  ⬇️

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