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I'm Jenna

With over 13+ years experience leading people and a HR designation, I have heard and seen it all when it comes to interviews. I'm here to share my interviewing tips, guidance + perspective on prepping for your next job interview.

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A person cannot be comfortable without their own approval, said Mark Twain.

It was the first true job interview where I REALLY wanted the position. When I initially told my manager I wanted to apply, she shared I wasn’t quite qualified for the role. Weeks went by when she unexpectedly called. I remember taking the phone call in a parking lot of a local fitness studio.

While sitting on the curb, she share I should do it; apply for the role and see what happens.

What I suspect had happened is that there weren’t as many applicants applying for the position as they had hoped and my manager saw it as an opportunity for me to throw my name in the hat. So I did it, I applied. I was setup with 4 rounds of interviews. The first one beginning with my manager and a partner I had worked with regularly.At the end of the first round, I asked for feedback. “In your opinion, what is stopping me from getting this job?”

To be honest, I actually can’t remember what they shared, but I do remember my reaction, which was tears.

I held it together receiving the feedback, hung up the phone and then instantaneously balled. It was only the first interview and I felt like I had already failed. I couldn’t help but think they were right; I wasn’t ready for this role. There’s more to this story on what I learned in the 2nd, 3rd + 4th interviews, but my greatest lesson through this experience was what I learned about my confidence.

I let myself unravel so easily after that first interview thinking I’m not good enough.

I believe in the power of preparing for interviews through:

  • Reflection
  • Research
  • and, Rehearsing because I know it works.

This process has built my confidence. It has allowed me to layout all of my accomplishments, experiences and lessons learned proving to myself first that I am qualified and I do have what it takes.Believing in myself has allowed others to believe in me too.

If you’re beginning your job search or are looking for job interview preparation support, I am here to help! Start by checking out my free resources available HERE

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Hi, I'm Jenna.
Your new career and interview prep coach.

I'm incredibly passionate about supporting people to walk into their job interviews with confidence. With 13+ years experience leading people and a HR designation, I have heard and seen it all when it comes to interviews.

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